Trenton is a city that is rife with difficult realities: gang violence, corruption, crime, homelessness, poverty, etc.  Like any City that struggles to allocate limited resources to a long list of worthy social causes, some are fortunate enough to receive attention and funding while others are unfortunately ignored.  More often than not, it is the segments of our population that cannot speak up for themselves that end up in the most marginalized of positions.  It is therefore up to someone to give these factions of society a voice.  The Shelter Animal Project exists to speak up for the homeless dogs of Trenton, NJ.
WELCOME to The Shelter Animal Project
We are a 501c3 tax exempt Nonprofit Corporation located 
in Fairless Hills, PA.  Hand in hand with the Trenton Bureau of Animal Control and Law Enforcement (TAS), we run the dog adoption program and dog foster network for TAS.  We are volunteers who formed a Nonprofit Corporation so that we can better serve the needs of the fantastic dogs in this shelter.  
We raise money to:

(1) IMPROVE the living conditions in the Trenton Animal Shelter
(2) SPAY & NEUTER adoptable TAS dogs
(3) PAY for surgeries and medical attention for dogs that require help beyond the scope of the shelters resources
(4) PAYfor veterinary costs for foster dogs
(5) EDUCATE children in Trenton's public schools about responsible pet ownership.
BUDDY... is the guy who finally turned SAP into a reality.  He needed surgery and SAP's founding members came together originally to raise money for this procedure.  Buddy didn't end up making it through the difficult surgery, but his legacy lives on through SAP and everything that we do.  Buddy's foster mom is the second founder of SAP and she will NEVER forget Buddy and how he touched her family for a brief time.
 What our volunteers do:
Volunteers determine adoptability of the animals, run the Petfinder site that showcases them, fields all the applications that come in for dogs, and finalizes the adoptions.  They foster pets in their homes, care for animals at adoption events, and come to the shelter to play with and take dogs for long walks.  
The officers of the Trenton Bureau of Animal Control work tirelessly to not only investigate, prevent, and cease acts of cruelty, neglect, and danger to the animals in the city of Trenton- they also work for the people to protect them against dangerous animals, domestic or wild. For only four animal control officers patroling the entire city, these guys make a great team and do an excellent job.  The critters they are able to save remain under their care as the volunteers then do their part to analyze the animals and determine adoptability, then work to find loving FOREVER homes to give the dogs and cats that come through this shelter a second chance at a life.  We appreciate all the effort these men put into rescuing the furry residents of Trenton, and we especially appreciate all their support of the volunteers who work with them to further save the lives of the animals.

The Shelter Animal Project's mailing address:

PO BOX 24 

Email: Lisa@TheShelterAnimalProject.com

Serving the 

Giving Shelter Dogs A Future
Donate a Kuranda Bed for one of the kennels at The Trenton Bureau of Animal Control.  Simply click on the link to the left and follow the instructions.  Thank you in advance!